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***Achtung! Don't expect too many exciting news updates as I am the only remaining member of the band ;-) For the time beeing I will keep this page online as an archive for APOLLYON SUN. Cheers, Erol Unala ***



The band whose very demise made possible the eventual creation of Apollyon Sun - Celtic Frost - has begun the initial part of the recording sessions for a new album in the second half of October 2002. This is to be Celtic Frost's seventh album and the group's first proper studio recording in some 13 years. Preparation and development work for this project have been ongoing since 2000, originally inspired be Celtic Frost's involvement in the acclaimed 1999/2000 official album re-issues.

As has been publicized, the re-envisioned Celtic Frost's core consists of founding members Martin Eric Ain (bass/vocals) and Tom Gabriel Fischer (voice/guitars/keyboards), along with Fischer's long-time songwriting partner in and co-founder of Apollyon Sun, guitarist/producer Erol Unala. Unala has become an increasingly significant part of Celtic Frost during the very comprehensive CF songwriting sessions.

Unfortunately, these activities are inevitably delaying both the production and the release of forthcoming music by Apollyon Sun. Apollyon Sun is, however, very much an continuing project, and so is the eventual completion of the much anticipated new Apollyon Sun album. The songwriting for the album with the work title "Flesh" is currently paused at an advanced stage, but initial recordings have been completed and Fischer and Unala expect to pursue work on the album as soon as events permit. The guarantee of the continuing existence of Apollyon Sun is an integral part of the contract negotiations for the Celtic Frost project.

"Keeping Apollyon Sun on hold right now is utterly painful for me. Apollyon Sun is a project very close to my heart, and the band's music has given me enormous personal satisfaction and enjoyment. The new album by Celtic Frost is a hugely challenging, unusual, and artistic venture for us all, but at the same time I am also looking forward very much to working with Apollyon Sun again." - Fischer, December 2002


For the third time in a row, Apollyon Sun's music has been selected to be part of the soundtrack for a BBC London production. The song "Messiah" (off the "Sub" album of 2000) is to be featured in a new BBC film featuring acclaimed English actress Tamzin Outhwaite.


Apollyon Sun are currently in contact with a number of international parties with a view to producing a number of AS remixes which are to be featured on the forthcoming album and related CD singles.